Toronto Dominatrix


The Lady Henry - Dominatrix Toronto. Specializing in Self Exploration, Personal Growth & Acceptance through BDSM, Kink, Role Play, Fetish, ABDL, Impact Play.

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the ultimate edging experience

The ups and downs. The unknowns. The rides and dips. The rises and falls. All under my gleeful control. Blindfolded, restrained and at my complete mercy. Or lack thereof. Experience the sweet torture of the “in between” place where you’re always…just…so…close.

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sensual domination

Let’s make it calm, controlled and deviously decisive. Every movement is a statement that will send chills or thrills through every part of your body. Eyes locked. A smirk hiding a secret. Follow my lead. Leave your cares behind and immerse yourself in a world that will only exist this once.

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Two Canadian Dominatrixes talk shit and tell the bestest tales. We are Lady Henry & Bastienne Cross, two of Toronto's most favourite Dommes who just happen to be buds. Listen in on our fun conversations and maybe learn a thing or two, pop a bones, who knows! Enjoy! All stories are theoretical so don't get all uppity.