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Balloon Fetish


what is a balloon fetish?


It all started when…

A sexual fetish from people feel attracted for a balloon. These balloons can be simply party balloons or any inflated pool toy.

These fetishists use the balloons in masturbation to stimulate themselves or simulate a partner. They buy bigger balloons +18" (inch) to increase the climax and get a better orgasm.

This fetish is documented since ballons commercial mass introducing in 50's but only with Internet popularity the adepts organized themselves in communities and feel relief for knowing that they aren't alone in the world. There's a industry feed they including pay sites, virtual stores where they can buy balloons of any size or color.

For a fetishist, get a each time bigger and giant balloon is very important - the visual stimulation and touch sensation increases with the size of the balloon.

I feel very excited when I seat in a balloon and put it between my legs. Balloon fetishism is great!

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