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The Lady. The Myth. The Actual Human Being.

Lady Henry is one of Toronto's most sought after Professional Dominants. Her warmth and sense of humour perfectly balance her intense, magnetic energy. As an incredibly creative, theatrical Dominant, she pours herself into each scene. Energized by power exchange and playful, genuine partners, she'll envelop your attention, but can you keep hers? Lady Henry specializes in Role Play. Her imagination is your dreamscape. Submit your deviously imaginative idea's to her and witness her inflate them into existence. Her stream of consciousness style will leave you feeling blissfully assaulted, left in the dust with nothing but a smile on your face.


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PART 1/4

Professional Dominatrix Lady Henry describes why it's important to be mindful when dominating someone.

PART 2/4

Lady Henry talks about hard and soft limits.

PART 3/4

ProDomme Lady Henry tells Erin about some of her oddest requests.

PART 4/4

Erin and Lady Henry talk about why it's important for men to bottom once and a while.


Episode 142- Lady Henry

Aug 10, 2018

This week, Erin interviews professional Dominatrix Lady Henry.  If you're curious about booking a session at a dungeon, or doing some dominating in your personal life, this is the episode for you!  Listen along as the hilarious Lady Henry tells us what makes a great sub, the necessity of negotiation, and what men can learn from doing a little receiving once and a while.  Read more...


Episode 91- Lady Henry

Aug 18, 2017

This week, host Erin Pim interviews the creative, zen, and delightful dominatrix Lady Henry.  Listen along as they talk about why people see professional dommes, the importance of aftercare, and some kinky tips to get you experimenting with BDSM today.  Read more...