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The Lady. The Myth. The Actual 100% Human Being.


the 411

Lifestyle/ Community Experience: 10 + years

Professional Experience: 4 years

Domme Personality: Funny, Seductive, Intimidating, Friendly, Warm, & Unsettling

Play Style: Methodical, Theatrical, Creative, Empathetic, Controlled, Energetic, Intense, Unpredictable

Favourite Areas: Hypnosis, Role Play, Creative Humiliation, Golden, Breath Play (light),

Body Type: Buxom, Oblong, Compact

Height: Like sooooooooo tall.

High Heels: Size 8

Boots: Size 9/ 9.5

Stockings: M/L

Hard Limits: Race Play, Non-consenting Participants, Live Animals or insects, Self-Harm,Blood play, Vomit, Intoxication, Drug Use, Sex acts or intercourse, Brats, Nudity (I stay fully clothed at all times), No intimate touching of me at any time.

TRIVIA & favourite things

Movies: Long Kiss Goodnight, Point Of No Return, Aeon Flux, Baby Boom

TV: The Americans, Sherlock, Black Mirror, Outlander

Colour: Hot Pink, Aerobics Blue, Bright Yellow

Hobbies: Sewing, Crafting, Planning, Organizing, Trying New Things

Comedy: Tig Notaro, Kathy Griffin, Patton Oswalt, Amy Schumer, Anthony Jeselnik, Frasier

Celebrity Crushes Martin Freeman, Scott Foley, Pink, Kate McKinnon

Right Handed or Left Handed? Left Handed

Birthday: February 6 (Aquarius)

Fighting Style: Confusing but effective and very enthusiastic

Mortal Enemies: Adam Sandler and nineties comedy

Quote: “Luck is preparation meeting opportunity “ Oprah & Friends

Alcohol: Dry red, rose or white. Preferably in box format.

Non-Alcoholic: Shirley Temple

Favourite Joke: Your Face.


Lady Henry is one of Toronto's most sought after Professional Dominants. Her warmth and sense of humour perfectly balance her intense, magnetic energy. As an incredibly creative, theatrical Dominant, she pours herself into each scene. Energized by power exchange and playful, genuine partners, she'll envelop your attention, but can you keep hers?

Lady Henry specializes in Role Play. Her imagination is your dreamscape. Submit your deviously imaginative idea's to her and witness her inflate them into existence. Her stream of consciousness style will leave you feeling blissfully assaulted, left in the dust with nothing but a smile on your face. Some of Lady Henry's favourite experience's have included:

  • Acting out a role play chemical castration in a futuristic setting.

  • Pie throwing clown scene.

  • First female president punishment scene.

  • Leader of the FemDom Empire

All about me.

My Background.

I've been involved in the kink scene for over 10 years. I'm a fairly well-rounded person in the arts with experience in theatre, dance, performance, comedy, illustration & painting, makeup, sewing and costume design to name a few. And believe me - I've used *all* of them in my kinky life!

How I Explain BDSM & What I Do To The General Public.

I don't like spicy food. It's painful, awful and I don't know why anyone would enjoy something that makes their nose run, their eyes tear up, and their throat burn. But people do. LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE. There are Facebook groups, brands, festivals, cultures dedicated to spicy food. You don't have to like something to see the value and pleasure other people derive from it. Why would I stop someone from eating spicy food when it has nothing to do with my eating habits. I can have a conversation about what ingesting spicy food does for them, providing a new perspective. But I can't talk someone out of liking spicy food because that's how their biology works. And the only reason to try would be to reject who they are and what they like. Consenting Adults don't bully other consenting adults.

If someone has a mainstream interest that relieves stress, makes their world still, gets them in touch with themselves or brings them back to the present, they are experiencing the same focus, exertion, of getting "in the zone" and subspace of BDSM. Different strokes for different folks but they all make us feel the same. Here are some examples:

  • Running

  • Dancing

  • Riding your motorcycle to clear your head (to feel free)

  • Getting lost writing a novel

  • Making Art

  • Performing onstage

  • Cooking & Baking

  • Mediation

  • Yoga

Why I Love Being A Dominatrix

It's another way to take care of people. Creating space for someone to be themselves without shame, without judgement and *with* radical acceptance, physical, emotional and mental safety, patience, compassion and empathy. On the surface there are whips, chains, stern looks and restrained limbs but these are tools used to facilitate balance for both the Dominant and the submissive. It's a constant conversation that takes place through words, actions, presentation and intention. Imposed gender roles and toxic masculinity put people in boxes they don't belong in. Not every man wants to be tough. A lot of people spend years reinforcing those layers of protection against society. Much like how the army will "break" recruits to build them back up, Dominants will use techniques to shatter egos to expose vulnerability in a safe environment.

My Approach

There is NEVER shame in having limits or using safe words. It's necessary for a healthy experience. I have limits. Negotiations don't start and stop at the beginning. Communication is constant. We don't always know how we'll react to sensations or roles. Whether it'll be positive or negative. You can always say no and change your mind. Always.



“dildos in the dish rack”



Our new podcast has LAUNCHED! Listen to Bastienne Cross & I interview ProDommes and special guests, spill on our favourite sessions, unshame and explore kinks and taboos along with other fun domme-y rabbit holes. Dildos In The Dish Rack: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Dominatrixes Hilarious, offbeat and honest! NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK!


Dildos In The Dish Rack: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Dominatrixes



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