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"Marshmallow, Glass, Daisy" 10 Sentence Session


*10 Sentence Session Story Inspired by 3 Random Words suggested by Twitter Followers*

He walked into the dungeon, soaked from the rain outside.

"Take off your clothes", Lady Henry demanded cooly.

He peeled off his wet shirt revealing his soft marshmallow body.

"You're so delicate. Perhaps I'll pluck what I want from you like petals on a daisy..."

He stood there completely vulnerable looking around at the row of shimmering glass dildos.

Her large dark eyes had him transfixed. 

He could feel his fingers twitching as she prowled around him like a sleek, black panther.

"You smell like a dog", Lady Henry whispered into his ear.

"Dogs aren't allowed on the furniture."

"Get down on the ground."

The End.

By The Lady Henry