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"Mean, Puny, Vengeful" 10 Sentence Session Stories

*Story Inspired By 3 Random Words From Twitter Followers*

It had been two hours already and his sides were sore from the constant tickling.

He pleaded for Her to stop.

"Stop what?" Lady Henry asked.

"This? This tickling? Your puny little body can't handle something a child does for fun?"

"Please Mistress! I'm begging you!"

"Have you already forgotten what happened at the start of our session?"

"No, Mistress"

"Tell Me what you did to make me so mean."

"Yes, Mistress. You made a joke and I said that if you were a man you'd be even funnier."

"But My vengeful ways have you laughing more now, don't they?"

The End.

By The Lady Henry.