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The Problem With "Worthless"

You've creeped my Twitter. Perhaps you've laughed at a couple of my posts. You've perused this site, checked out the galleries, the interests, etc

You may see things that interest you. Would we be a good team? Well here's some insight into my style - whether you're brand new to the scene or a veteran. 

I'm not a mean or cruel person. It doesn't come naturally. My only grudges are against restaurants I ate at 7 years ago because how the hell do you fuck up a Caesar salad??? Being *genuinely* mean or cruel requires energy. More energy than I have to spend because I don't get any back. Being genuinely cruel serves no positive purpose . The only purpose would be to make someone feel small and defeated - in an unhealthy way.

And that's why I can't call someone "worthless" even in a scene with full consent.  

It crosses a line for me. 

Calling someone "worthless" in a scene (with consent/ by request) makes my skin crawl. I'm eager to gloat, tease, bully, intimidate, terrify, creep out or humiliate someone because these usually exist in context. I am happy to make fun of how small and useless your penis is (even if it's large and responsive) because we've agreed it's going to be about one specific subject.

I can, through actions, break you and shatter your ego but words are powerful and to call someone "worthless" is an all out assault on everything that they are. It's too much. It's too broad. It's saying that everything that makes you you can be tossed away as garbage. 

Your profession, your interests, your style, your attractions, your parenting, your body, your intelligence, your feelings, your kids, your hobbies, your friends, your pets, your plants etc.

That these things would be better off without you.

I can't do that.

Being in a dominant position over someone vulnerable is a huge responsibility. Submissives are human beings and have lives, histories, triggers, emotional needs and insecurities. I need to ride that emotional wave with you in a scene. I need to guide your emotional health so you leave feeling better, lighter, empowered, balanced - seen.

With "worthless" I lose control of the narrative. I don't know exactly what parts of you I'm effecting. And that feeling of flinging out sharp words in the dark is irresponsible. 

I will degrade you. I will beat you down. I will overpower you.

I will break you. But only so you can be built up stronger.

Because you *are* worthy.