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Chyna, Algonquin Park, A Large Mouth Bass

*Stories based on fan suggestions (person, place, thing). Submitted by Adam C

It was chilly among the elder trees of Algonquin Park. A distant siren could be heard beyond the horizon. A shudder above caused crackling leaves to fall to the wet earth. Among the branches She was almost invisible. Her sculpted thighs wrapped around the rough bark of the trunk. The curves and sharp edges of the two hundred year old tree were indistinguishable from the sinewy power of her solid frame. Chyna's wrestling past had made her adept at conforming to challenging poses for long periods of time. She had abandoned the WWE to live in the wild of a city park. She managed well by putting wandering pedestrians in headlocks and doing smackdowns on small children, snatching their avacado toast and quinoa bliss balls. Protein was essential to Chyna's survival. One day she watched as an older man of sixty passed near her tree. This was not a man she could physcially overpower without killing him. His demeanor suggested a docile nature. The man sat down under Chyna's tree and opened a cooler full of yogurt. Her eyes widened. Extra probiotics, added calcium, full fat...

Chyna wasn't a murderer but she had to have that protein bonanza. Nearby was a stream full of lively fish. She covertly approached the stream, waited and then suddenly pounced mouth first, catching a large mouth bass between her teeth. The bass struggled but was no match for Chyna's steel jaw. She returned to the old yogurt man still under her tree. With a precise smack she struck the old man on the back of the head leaving him dazed. She grabbed the cooler of yogurt and hurried up her tree. When the man came to, he was confused and looked around. Didn't he have a cooler full of yogurt from around the world? He guessed he had dozed off and perhaps wild animals had run off with his cooler. He stood up and looked down startled to see a large mouth bass at his feet. It was freshly killed and he really did enjoy fish. The old man picked up the fish, made a point to finally use his BBQ when he got home and happily left the trees behind.

Chyna watched him leave. As she consumed the yogurt, she felt her strength growing. "Maybe next time," she thought "someone will bring ribs." 


The end. 

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