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The Lure of Transformation

The Power of Transformation

My top two favourite movies have always been Point of No Return and Long Kiss Goodnight. Holy shit. Bridget Fonda and Geena Davis are unstoppable.They’re smart, vulnerable, a little distant, driven, multi-faceted, funny (in the case of Geena Davis) and sexy via capability and attitude. I saw these movies when I was really young and grew up with Madonna playing on repeat. Whether I knew it or not I surrounded myself with women who did whatever the fuck they wanted because they knew their potential. 

But more than the quips, guns and BDE, they all transformed. Bridget Fonda’s character “Maggie” went from a drug addicted felon on death row to a highly skilled assassin who could blend into any social setting. Geena Davis’ character remade her life as a school teacher after suffering from amnesia. Only to find out that she was one of the most badass assassins in the world named “Charlie”.

I think like many people do, I gravitated towards these characters because I recognized something. Whether it was a reflection of who I was or what I wanted to become is up for discussion. But all I knew was the feeling of power and joy it gave me to see myself as “Charlie” - promising to kill her captor while being stretched on a gigantic wooden wheel, submerged in water. All with a cocky, rage-filled sneer of conviction. I believed her. She unnerved people. She knew things others were completely unaware of by virtue of her razor sharp mind.

While “Charlie” had all the one liners and charisma, “Maggie” had an unshakable core that accompanied an introverted persona. I envied her strength in silence. The way she dominated her boyfriend. The intense sexual connection of equals she had with her handler. 

But I think what I loved most about both Maggie and Charlie was their freedom. 

The power of transformation is remarkable. From sidewalk makeovers, to beauty apps, to Halloween to changing your clothes with the season, we all want to find out who we really are and what we can be. And we want someone to recognize us.

The transformations during sessions, particulary “Sissy” ones where a cis dude is transformed into a cock hungry whore, are incredible to watch. Whether Sissification is your thing or not, the need to create a sense of freedom by digging deep inside yourself is universal.

 I think it’s akin to making an anchor. A direct way to remind yourself of who you are underneath what the world has made you.

Lady Henry.