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Castration Play


what is castration play?


It all started when…

In psychoanalysis castration refers first & foremost, not to loss of testes, but rather of the penis likewise in psychoanalysis, the concept of castration has been extended to be anything which is a loss of the power that the penis symbolically represents, even if the penis itself remains intact -- thus blinding, dismemberment, rape, death, can all be seen as forms of castration many people in literature, critical theory, etc., under the influence of postmodernism, have adopted the above broader version of castration

Some examples (that I am familiar with) of the above usage: Bloom's theory of anxiety of influence; also a good example is Catherine Maxwell's book The Female Sublime, in which she mostly uses the word castration broadly: Milton is castrated by his blindness; the Thracian women castrate Orpheus through dismemberment; Tereus castrates Philomela by raping her and cutting out her tongue; Philomela castrates Tereus in turn by feeding him his son; Sappho as a woman and a lesbian is the eternal castrate, but she in turn through her poetry castrates her male listeners.

My point is there is a very rich body of work on castration derived from psychoanalysis, which this article barely touches upon.


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