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Chastity Play


what is chastity play?

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It all started when…

There are two key reasons for practising male chastity. First, a man might practice chastity for religious or moral reasons, perhaps until he is in a committed relationship or married. Male chastity may also be a component in some sexual relationships. In these cases, a dominant partner, known as a key holder, may encourage a male submissive to practice chastity for a period of time. The power imbalance in this interaction is similar to that seen in BDSM relationships, but people who practice male chastity do not always practice other elements of BDSM. 

Chastity may also involve the use of male chastity devices or the deliberate denial of orgasms by the dominant partner for a period of time. The key holder may also practice orgasm control or ruin the submissive man's orgasms while he’s under their control. In these practices, the man enjoys some sexual pleasure without experiencing the satisfying release that comes with orgasm. 

This type of male chastity may help encourage men to pay attention to the needs of their partners instead of concentrating on their own pleasure. Many men enjoy the delayed gratification, while their partners enjoy taking control of their lover’s sexual release. Male chastity may be a regular part of a couple’s interaction or simply a way to spice up their sex life in the short term.

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