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Bastienne Cross is one of Toronto's top Dominatrixes. Her intensely seductive qualities serve only to mitigate the sick desires that lie beneath. She lives to watch the ego drain from your eyes as you fully succumb to your true, submissive self beneath her heel. Energized by acts of submission and depravity, Bastienne seeks the extreme.

Bastienne specializes in Ball Busting & Full Toilet Training. In the quiet depths of these intense acts, a connection is found. Something reserved for only those who are willing to endure the pain and filth. In Bastienne's world, untested boundaries aren't boundaries at all. 

To book a scene with Bastienne visit www.bossybastienne.com

**Be sure to read Bastienne's hard limits prior to booking. **Use of safe words are always strictly respected.

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new! march duo!

It’s Spring Break BITCHES! Bastienne Cross & I are here to break your spirits in the most tropical of ways. Tiny umbrellas in unusual places! Golden Drinking Games! Sun-Kissed Slut Training! Wet T-Shirt Contest! Earn Those Beads! Bondage Conga Line! Hazing! Initiations! This isn’t your high school Spring Break….

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