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Bastienne Cross is one of Toronto's top Dominatrixes. Her intensely seductive qualities serve only to mitigate the sick desires that lie beneath. She lives to watch the ego drain from your eyes as you fully succumb to your true, submissive self beneath her heel. Energized by acts of submission and depravity, Bastienne seeks the extreme.

Bastienne specializes in Ball Busting & Full Toilet Training. In the quiet depths of these intense acts, a connection is found. Something reserved for only those who are willing to endure the pain and filth. In Bastienne's world, untested boundaries aren't boundaries at all. 

To book a scene with Bastienne visit www.bossybastienne.com

**Be sure to read Bastienne's hard limits prior to booking. **Use of safe words are always strictly respected.



Dear Patient,

As a new patient, we'd like to welcome you to our practice. We've helped countless people just like you find relief and we're excited to help you do the same. Our methods have been considered unconventional, perhaps even extreme, but they are always highly effective and that is our primary concern.

Relief is our primary focus, alleviating clients of symptoms such as freedom, superiority, willpower, autonomy and an inclination to control. Using our renowned, in-depth assessment method, we will quickly diagnose your symptoms & begin treatment immediately.

Be advised: Persistent cases may require several treatments.

In addition to providing a stimulating and powerful dose of ego-checking for the patient, we're also donating $10 from every treatment to a prostate health charity for the entire month of November! There's no excuse to wait, book your prostate analysis & full attitude treatment today.

We specialize in Men's Prostate Health, Gender/Sex Re-Assignment, Annual Check Ups & Medical Waste Management. Upon contacting us for treatment, please advise us which of our procedures you are interested in.


Nurses Bastienne Cross & Lady Henry


Men's Prostate Health: Did you know that men need to have their asses violated at least once a year by a Female Dominant? It's true! Our research has shown that not only is it a sign of a healthy mental attitude, it helps the community as well.

Gender/Sex Re-Assignment: Some clients simply need relief from the harmful and embarrassing expressions of their birth gender and we're here to help. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on client needs. Stripping clients of their gender manifestations is a complex procedure involving both the mind & body. Some prefer to remain conscious and engaged, while others prefer to be "out". Diagnosis and treatment will determine our gender management plan, depending on individual client needs. An overall experience of docility, contentment & humility is guaranteed.

Annual Check Up: Our comprehensive analysis was designed to efficiently diagnose and remedy underlying symptoms of dominant or controlling behaviour. We aggressively treat all symptoms of male ego, leaving clients with a renewed sense of obedience and deference.

Medical Waste Management: This treatment is specifically designed for persistent or extreme cases. Only available on the weekends, this treatment is sure to alter any and all indications of superiority. Clients are effectively turned into our medical waste basket during a milking procedure on a regular client. Research shows that objectification & humiliation are the only proven treatment methods for those with severe symptoms. This method can also be used as a preventative treatment for those interested in maintaining their current submissive vitality. 

The procedure involves full immobilization of the clients body with clear, medical wrap, this facilitates a lessening of the clients ideations of bodily control and autonomy. The client's head is inserted into the side of a medium sized garbage bin and their mouth is secured open. The visual perspective from the bottom of a garbage bin has proven to be an intensely reliable method. As the client sinks into a deep state of resignation, they witness the entirety of a milking procedure performed on another client, this involves several extractions which are then dumped into the waste bin. 

Our highly effective procedures have been carefully curated to treat a variety of symptoms. We welcome you to join us throughout the month of November for a medical assessment you'll never forget.

The Nurses will see you now.





Your Dream Villains Force You To Be Part Of Their Evil Plans

Be lured, captured and used for Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy's evil plans - whether you cooperate is up to you. But we like it better when you struggle...

Bastienne Cross parades around as Harley Quinn in signature blue & pink pigtails and laughes while you squirm and beg for mercy. Her tight short shorts make it hard to breathe as she manically smothers you. She's unpredictable. She's diabolical. She's cute and unforgiving.

Lady Henry uses her slick green vines to bind you as Poison Ivy. She's intoxicating and overwhelms your mind with her purring words. Her long fire red hair brushes your chest as she hypnotizes your mind, making your body a victim of her will.


HALLOWEEN sensory deprivation duo

w/ bastienne cross & lady henry

Your body appears in the darkness, a sacrifice. A string of synapses waiting for permission to rest. The perpetual rhythm, suspended, at the peak of your deepest inhale. A full life lived in the moment between thoughts.

Your silent offering is our SUBMISSIVE SACRIFICE.

Deliberate & Meditative, we divest you of your trophies of comfort, minimized to your most sensitive form. Void of clothing, sounds, words, sight or faculty of your limbs, this is your Erotic Override. A chance to submerge into the cosmic femininity of this season, observing the ever thinning veil between your mind and our will. Our immersive conditioning will find you sleepily grasping at control in the dark, only to have each of your fingers carefully relieved, coaxed back to rest like a sleepwalking child.

The astronomical midpoint between the autumn equinox and winter solstice is the end of the pagan year. A festival of Darkness & Fire. The cold winter that lies ahead represents death & isolation, warm yourself by the fire of our ceremony. Align yourself with the virtue of our instincts. We will bathe you in fire, cleansing you of control, whispering in rounds until you are pure.

We are the ancestors of witches. Experience our Practice.

Halloween sensory overload duo

w/ bastienne cross & lady henry

You accept the offer of a drink from Lady Henry, you're beyond excited for a few minutes of quality time before the other guests arrive. As Lady Henry presents you with your drink, she motions for you to sip it first, feeding it to you as she tips your glass up. The liquid hits your lips before it pours down your chest, soaking through your shirt.

The next hour is an absolute sensory assault.

You're out of breath and your body is wet and sticky with melted chocolate and beads of candy. By this point you have all four of their feet permanently etched in your memory after being forced to consume a thorough sampling of Halloween treats off of every inch of them. You recall them laughing hysterically as they took turns smashing whip cream into your face with the full weight of their bodies sitting on your face. Being offered some apple juice to wash it all down as they pull their costumes aside and release into your mouth.

Showered, dressed and standing in the cold autumn night outside, you realize, they're was never a party. There were no other guests. They just wanted to MindFuck you. With your pants feeling extra tight and a goofy smirk on your face, you swirl your tongue around your teeth and catch one last remnant of candy.

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w/ bastienne cross & lady henry

Popular Schoolgirls Tease & Torment All the Weak Little Boys

Two evil schoolgirls catch you watching them. They lure you over with a sweet (sinister) smile. "What's your name?" Bastienne asks. You tell them and it stumbles out of your mouth. "I don't think he knows his own name" Lady Henry says.They both laugh at your stupid mistake, never once taking their eyes off of you. You feel excited at being so close to them but you're not sure about the way they're looking at you. It seems...hungry.

"You know," Bastienne says,"We were just about to skip class. Wanna come with us?"

"Oh I....I..."

Lady Henry steps right infront of you putting her face uncomfortably close to yours. She stares into your eyes. "Do you have something better to do?" You squirm.

"Trust us" Bastienne says.

They look at eachother, smile and then look back at you.

You follow them through the crowded hallway, past your locker and past your history class....

You're never the same again.

Wedgies / Golden Swirlies / Teasing / Denial / Impossible Tasks / Severe Punishment / Unclothing Demands / Smelly socks / Smothering / Humiliation / Pantsing / Taunting/ Paper Airplanes / Passing Notes / Writing Lines / Being our Human Indoor Uber / Sissy / JOI / Story lines / Rigged Unfair Games/ School girl footwear Worship / Violet Wand / AND. SO. MUCH. MORE.

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sissy training duo

w/ bastienne cross & lady henry

We know who you really are. We can tell with just one glance exactly what we can do to you. You have no choice but to submit as we strip away your pathetic attempt at masculinity. You dream about being dressed up in lace. We dream about smearing that lipstick across your face in 200 different ways. We take a pair of scissors to the tight pantyhose you’re stuffed into and make a little hole. Over the length of the session you are transformed, remade and reborn as the slut you were always meant to be.

Makeup / Wigs / Lingerie / Rod Worship / Rod Play / Rod Training / Feminization / Sissification / Panties / Clit Creation / High Heels / Voice Training / Intense Power Exchange