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Family Day


Taboo family roleplay

MONDAY, february 18th, 2019

Your cousin, Jayne, greets you at the door, welcoming you to the party that's already in full swing.  She seats you on the floor beneath Mommy Evangeline & you find yourself the topic of conversation among your aunties.  "He's grown so much!", exclaims Auntie Henry.  Auntie Bastienne disagrees, motioning towards the front of your pants, "this is the only place he's filled out", she says with a wink.  Everyone laughs as Mommy lays your head on her lap, petting your head.  You close your eyes as your family guesses whether you're sexually active yet.  "You can trust us", Auntie Shadow whispers as she tugs at your belt buckle, "We want to see how much you've grown, make sure everything is working properly".  You're frozen, overwhelmed with embarrassment & a deep sense of arousal.  As your erection is revealed to the room, your secret is out, something that can never leave this place.  A family full of gorgeous women is your curse & your shameful blessing.  


1)  Choose a submissive role, for example:  Nephew, Son, Niece, Daughter etc.
2)  Choose ONE host & book with them.  Do not contact several hosts or you will be eliminated from consideration.
3)  Stick to the theme - Taboo Family Roleplay.  We can accommodate many kinks but requests outside of the theme will be rejected.
4)  Be respectful & courteous in communication prior to & during the event.


Group Play:  $300/hour (available from 11am - 6pm)
Private Play:  $1000/hour (availability: 8am - 9am / 6pm - 7pm / 7pm - 8pm)  This ensures only you and the five hosts will be present.

Must read:

  • There will be multiple Dommes & multiple subs at this event.  You will likely be in the presence of other male submissives.  If you would like a mask to conceal your identity, let your Mistress know by email beforehand.

  • For the sake of efficiency, choose which Domme you would like to host you during your time with us & book through them.  Whomever you choose will act as your representative & host, playing with you exclusively and including other Dommes when possible.

  • All Dommes & submissives will be present in the same, open space area allowing for scenes to manifest organically.

toilet training:

Toilet training will be available from 9am - 11am.  All of the full toilet trainers will be present at this time, Bastienne Cross, Jayne Doe, Lady Henry & Mistress Evangeline Ducharme.  Please book 2 days in advance for a full toilet training session.  Toilet Group Play is $500/hour which may include other submissives.  Private Toilet Group Play is $1600/hour and ensures only you and the toilet trainers will be present.  Please book in advance.

How to book:

1)  Select which Domina you would like to have as your representative, links listed below.
2)  Review their website thoroughly, particularly their hard limits & booking protocol.
3)  Contact your Domina via their preferred booking method with the following information:  your chosen role, your particular kinks, your hard limits, your preferred time slot & whether you'd like to be provided with a mask when you enter.
3)  Follow their protocol which may include sending a deposit.

compatible kinks:

  • ABDL

  • Ballbusting

  • Bondage

  • Chastity

  • Cock & Ball Torture

  • Foot Worship

  • Pegging

  • Sissification

  • Small Penis Humiliation

  • Smothering (clothed)

  • Spanking

  • Strap On Worship

  • & More - Refer to your chosen Dominants website for more details.