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Check out my Tribute page for a full list of amounts.

Can I book a session for today or later tonight?

No. Same day sessions are not available. The more advance notice you give (1 week +) the higher likelihood of getting your preferred time and date.

I sent in my request an hour ago! Did you get it? Did you get it? Did you get it?

Dude. Calm the fuck down. Expect a response within 3-12 hours because I do sleep now and then. Also - check your spam.

I can’t pay the deposit due to shared account/ privacy/ blah blah blah. Can I book a session without paying a deposit? You can trust me!

Absolutely not COMPLETE STRANGER. There are 2 available methods for you to choose from.

Your deposit goes towards the dungeon rental and transportation to and from the space.

I’ve never seen a Pro before and I’m super nervous. Do you take virgins?

Totes! I genuinely enjoy being someone’s first because it can be a consequential experience. It’s a privilege to create a space where they can explore, be empowered and feel safe. I make it explicitly clear that there are no “goals” or things they have to prove. I’m not comparing them to other guests. There is no restriction on using Safe Words. Safe word use is encouraged and will 100% be respected.

That being said - if interested, we can work up to some fucked up cruel shit but there is no “level of authenticity” to get to. You do you.

Where is the dungeon? Is there parking? Accessible by transit?

My current dungeon of choice is Studio Ludus located in North York. Parking is available and it is approx 45 min from Union Station via public transit.

What are your Hard Limits?

Sex, sexual acts, scat, race play, blood play, non-consenting parties, animals, underage persons, self harm, permanent mutilation, pushing guests’ hard limits, intimate body worship, alcohol consumption during play, drug use during play, brats, meat products / condiments, vomit, Adam Sandler movies


Deposits are now NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE as they are used to rent the space which is a non-refundable expense for me.


Want to treat me with something personal? Well here you go!

Online gifts or notifications of Donations can be sent to theladyhenry[at]protonmail.ch

Gift Cards

Physical Gifts

  • Dry wine (red or white)

  • Canadian made Gin

  • Stockings (fishnet, cuban heel etc)

  • President’s Choice (physical gift card)