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The Lady Henry - Dominatrix Toronto. Specializing in Self Exploration, Personal Growth & Acceptance through BDSM, Kink, Role Play, Fetish, ABDL, Impact Play.

Live a little.

“From the moment I stepped through the door, Lady Henry made me feel comfortable, safe, and mesmerized. Quick note that the location she hosted from was very unassuming on the outside, but gorgeously decorated and intimidating on the inside, which is perfect for this type of thing. I’ve only seen a handful of pro dommes, but from the beginning grounding session (mental, not electrical) all through the various kinks we explored that I had submitted in my booking form, this was by far my best session. She pushed my buttons and pushed my limits - tears of pain, joy, and wails like I had never produced before escaped my body - and I needed every moment of it. There was even some laughter on both our parts. I got the feeling that she was genuinely having fun torturing me in various ways, which is important for me to be able to let go and not overthink things.

Even after the session ended, Lady Henry was a friendly and courteous host. We had a great chat (though all too short - my mental capacities were limited after the 90-minute rollercoaster) that gave me the sense that she is a real, down-to-earth person who I would have enjoyed having as a friend in my regular life.

Tl;dr: this was an exhilarating and therapeutic experience with a beautiful, kind woman who had zero problems making you feel like the used little bitch you sometimes want to be in a safe and sane environment. What more could a curious submissive like me ask for? Looking forward to my next session.”
— First Time Guest

come and play.

Lady Henry is one of Toronto's most sought after Professional Dominants. Her warmth and sense of humour perfectly balance her intense, magnetic energy. As an incredibly creative, theatrical Dominant, she pours herself into each scene. Energized by power exchange and playful, genuine partners, she'll envelop your attention, but can you keep hers? Lady Henry specializes in Role Play. Her imagination is your dreamscape. Submit your deviously imaginative ideas and witness her inflate them into existence. Her stream-of-consciousness style will leave you feeling blissfully assaulted, left in the dust with nothing but a smile on your face.


new clips now available!

Fresh clips to whet your…whistle. High quality clips to entice, tease, challenge, scare, humiliate, demean, emasculate and arouse.

Fetish / Hypno / Spit / Feet / Audio / Bdsm / SPH / ASMR / Erotic Audio / Feminization / JOI / & more!


erotic hypnosis & sensual domination

Let’s make it calm, controlled and deviously decisive. Every movement is a statement that will send chills or thrills through every part of your body. Eyes locked. A smirk hiding a secret. Follow my lead. Leave your cares behind and immerse yourself in a world that will only exist this once.


the ultimate edging experience

The ups and downs. The unknowns. The rides and dips. The rises and falls. All under my gleeful control. Blindfolded, restrained and at my complete mercy. Or lack thereof. Experience the sweet torture of the “in between” place where you’re always…just…so…close.


The Lure Of Transformation

“My top two favourite movies have always been Point of No Return and Long Kiss Goodnight. Holy shit. Bridget Fonda and Geena Davis are unstoppable.They’re smart, vulnerable, a little distant, driven, multi-faceted, funny (in the case of Geena Davis) and sexy via capability and attitude…”

“My first domme experience was with @TheLadyHenry. She greeted me with a wooden hair brush the size of a tennis racquet in her hand. Soon the scene started - she pounced! It was overwhelming and thrilling. She hit me like I didn’t know women could hit men. I submitted! Afterward she texted to make sure I was ok. I’m very grateful that I could share something so personal with a caring professional”
— @nick_persimmon
“Hey Lady Henry! Just want to thank you for an absolutely wonderful time with you yesterday. Every time I visit you, I have such an enjoyable experience and yesterday was no different. The pictures were incredible and I’m glad we have them to look back at the session. I had loads of fun, and I look forward to the next time I see you.”
— A Lovely Guest