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Corporal Punishment & Impact Play

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stingy or thuddy

let's find out.

Consent based physical "punishment" involves the application of intense sensation through direct and controlled impact. Various methods & implements can be used such as hairbrushes, floggers, whips, spanking, paddles or rulers etc. Different styles of implements with different materials all disperse sensation in unique ways. Leather, wood, rubber and plastic are most common.  


Part 1

Her cool fingers grasped my wrist and lead it up above my head. Lady Henry held it there, gripping tightly while staring into my eyes. The back of my hand slammed into the lacquered wood of the St. Andrew’s cross. Her eyes never left mine. “Shhh…” she cooed. Her other hand trailed down my cheek; my jaw twitching from nervousness. Her fingers paused coaxing the nerves to relax and submit. It was only a moment but it seemed like time stood still as my body obeyed her touch. She continued the journey to my nipple, circling the areola, taking her time. I could feel every brush and the slightest change of pressure. The smallest breeze felt like an electric shock. I screamed out as my nipple was clamped; brought out of the dreaminess of touch and into the searing present of sensation. My free hand was forced above my head and slammed against the parallel beam. Another clamp bit down on my other nipple and before I knew it my wrists were cuffed tightly and without mercy to the cross.

A sharp slap across my face jolted me from the disorientation of my restraints.

“Pay attention.” Lady Henry said.

“Yes Mistress.”

THWACK! Her crop slashed against the side of my thigh.

THWACK! My other thigh felt hot.

“Be grateful.”

“Thank you, Lady Henry.”

THWACK! I watched the clamp spring from my nipple and bounce off the wall over ten feet away. All the blood and nerves rushed forward swelling up to flood my tortured tip with almost unbearable shockwaves.

THWACK! The other clamped shot through the air. My naked nipple was pinched between Lady Henry’s fingertips turning on and off the rollercoaster my body was experiencing.

More coming soon...