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MY Hard Limits


None shall pass.

no exceptions.

  • NO live animals
  • NO race play
  • NO scat
  • NO blood play
  • NO needles
  • NO condiments
  • NO meat products
  • NO food play involving anything but dessert items
  • NO fast food/ entrees
  • NO vomit
  • NO W.A.M. permitted in dungeon until further notice
  • NO smoking or vaping permitted 
  • NO intoxication or alcohol consumption by anyone involved in the scene
  • NO illicit drug use
  • NO intercourse and/or sex acts and/or sexual activity
  • NO nudity or indecent exposure of me at any time. I stay completely outfitted at all times.
  • NO scenario involving real unconsciousness nor anything that impairs the ability to consent & communicate
  • NO scenes that involve parties who did not consent. Ex. Public scenes
  • NO Adam Sandler movies