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Sinners welcome.

Put your imagination cap on...

Many popular role plays have a clear and familiar power dynamic. With a background in theatre, improv and directing, Lady Henry excels in immersing her guests in alternate realities that extinguish inhibitions. Doctor/ Patient, Teacher/ Student, Nun/ Sinner, Therapist/ Patient, Mean Girl/ Classmate, Mommy Dearest / Naughty Child, General/ Recruit, Alien/ Captive and more!


I park my car on a side street. Other cars pass by in the intersection ahead. A horn is honked somewhere out of sight and then the revving of an engines gets louder; then fades. The sun bathed leather steering wheel warms my palms. I inhale deeply knowing what is about to come. The words I had heard earlier that week start to dissipate...

"I need an answer right now."

"We'll need you next weekend. You'll have to cancel your plans."

"I don't understand how people could do that to their body. Don't they have any shame?"

My palms start to burn. But I just grip tighter. After a moment I release my fingers then check my face and general appearance in the rearview mirror before getting out of the car.

I ring the doorbell and the clunk ka-chunk of mechanisms start to unlock.

It's exactly 5:00pm.

"Good. You're here. Although I am surprised you didn't try to skip detention again today," She says while locking up the heavy wood door behind me.

Immediately I feel my inner badass come out. "Whatever," I say. "I'm only here because my mom said she wouldn't give me the car unless I came."

I can feel Lady Henry's eyes studying me. Although her mouth is expressionless, I catch her eyes briefly smiling.

"I'm happy to hear that you obeyed your mother's wish."

"Only because I want the car. I don't listen to her. She doesn't tell me what to do."

She smiled. This time there was no subtlety. Her full lips stretched into an unsettling grin that seemed to be too wide to be possible.

"You know, I know your Mother. We were best friends in high school. She's a very handsome woman who helped me out when I really needed it. I owe her a fairly large favour."

Lady Henry's smile abruptly shrank and the air around us became hot. Her giant, green eyes stared right through me and into my soul; into my secret desires. She leaned in, her lips within an inch of my ear.

"And I always pay my debts."

My throat became dry and my tongue lay like a lifeless slab in a butcher's window. My stomach flipped and I felt off-balance. Not queasy but something else...


Lady Henry's command tickled down my spine, sending a shock to my body that I had indeed stopped breathing.

"This way," She said. "And you didn't forget your homework, did you?"


"That's really a shame -"

"I'm sorry I-"

"For you."

Whatever world, whatever demands existed before I walked through that door, belonged to someone else. Wherever I was now wasn't where I used to be.

But it was where I needed to be.

I followed Lady Henry into the classroom. I didn't know what to expect and the thing is, I didn't feel like I had to expect anything. I didn't feel that I had to anticipate or to prepare. The simple truth was that in this moment, I was a rebellious student in detention with a beautiful, commanding teacher. And my fate was completely in her hands.