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Sexy Dominatrix photos are great but it's more important to know what happens beyond the photo filter. I take pride in the positive impact I have on others who put their trust in me. Below are testimonials from real Guests of mine.

“She pushed my buttons and pushed my limits - tears of pain, joy, and wails like I had never produced before escaped my body - and I needed every moment of it.”

From the moment I stepped through the door, Lady Henry made me feel comfortable, safe, and mesmerized. Quick note that the location she hosted from was very unassuming on the outside, but gorgeously decorated and intimidating on the inside, which is perfect for this type of thing. I've only seen a handful of pro dommes, but from the beginning grounding session (mental, not electrical) all through the various kinks we explored that I had submitted in my booking form, this was by far my best session. She pushed my buttons and pushed my limits - tears of pain, joy, and wails like I had never produced before escaped my body - and I needed every moment of it. There was even some laughter on both our parts. I got the feeling that she was genuinely having fun torturing me in various ways, which is important for me to be able to let go and not overthink things. Even after the session ended, Lady Henry was a friendly and courteous host. We had a great chat (though all too short - my mental capacities were limited after the 90-minute rollercoaster) that gave me the sense that she is a real, down-to-earth person who I would have enjoyed having as a friend in my regular life. Tl;dr: this was an exhilarating and therapeutic experience with a beautiful, kind woman who had zero problems making you feel like the used little bitch you sometimes want to be in a safe and sane environment. What more could a curious submissive like me ask for? Looking forward to my next session.

"Today was special..."

"THANK YOU Lady Henry. Today was special there are no words to describe how I feel before during and after my time with you." ~ Play Guest

"Loved being mentally challenged and pushed out of comfort zone"

"...Was initially skeptical but you pounced on me and it was so terrifying! Loved being stalked, menaced, (wo)manhandled. Loved! being mentally challenged and pushed out of comfort zone - walk in heels, answer questions, etc. Wind-down as really sweet. Wrote down your ideas about being a better man, taking that seriously. So many firsts for me on Sunday, thx for guiding me through that experience." ~ Play Guest

"You never disappoint me..."

"YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thank you again for an incredible afternoon yesterday. You never disappoint me and you are truly an awesome person that I am honoured to know <3 <3 <3" ~ Play Guest

"My relationship with my partner has improved"

"And I just wanted to say that one thing that surprises me is my relationship with my partner has improved since sessioning [sic] with you these last few months. I can concentrate more on what's working and not being bitter about my unmet needs." ~ Play Guest

"You were a most excellent trainer"

“Want to say what a massive pleasure it was to finally meet You yesterday Lady Henry. You were a most excellent trainer " ~  Workshop Student

"Your cruelty matches your beauty..."

“Your cruelty matches your beauty, and since you are the most beautiful woman ever, you are also the cruelest!” ~ Play Guest

"There is no strength comparable to this.  Steadfast compassion, quiet acceptance and kindness..."

I close my eyes, as directed. 

"What do you hear?" Henry asks. 

"The dogs playing, the air conditioner in the bedroom, you moving around on the chair," I respond.  A distant yet familiar feeling immediately presents itself under the darkness of my eyelids.  The thoughts slide into my mind, involuntarily.  The hope that my answer was correct, the fear of disappointing her, the familiar discomfort of vulnerability.  I feel a bit silly for succumbing so quickly and pull myself back, comforting myself with the understanding that my eyes are simply closed, nothing to fear.

"Every session is wonderful..."

"Hi Lady Henry. Wanted to thank you for the last session. Every session is wonderful with Lady Henry (thought I might see the spanking bench) But hoping Lady Henry is saving that for something special. 'I request nothing' Lady Henry. But if Lady Henry wishes to do one of the scenes off the bucket list this sub could be anything you wish or want." ~ Play Guest

"Thank you!! Great scene."

"Thank you!! Great scene. I got to be all emotional and vulnerable tonight which is something I suppress too much." ~ Play Guest

"Very impressed with Your sense of humour..."

"As i've said before, i am very impressed with Your sense of humour.  Now there is much more that impresses me.  Your water colours are fabulous--is there an Andy Warhol influence? Too bad about the marshmallow issue but Your cake was true art.  Also, impressed by Your discussion of how You don't like calling someone "worthless".  A lot of depth to You, Lady Henry."~ Admirer

"Did anyone tell you..."

"Did anyone tell you today how great you are? Just sayin... <3" ~ Play Guest

"I truly feel alive right now..."

“Hi Lady Henry i just wanted to thank you for today.a wonderful experience with a beautiful dom (what a luckysub i am).I cant wait to continue to learn and grow under your guidance.i truly feel alive right now.(my nipples are still up lol).Thank You Thank You Lady Henry .The adrenaline rush within myself is amazing.I cant wait to be in your control again........” ~ Play Guest

“Can’t stop thinking about how great today was". 

“Can’t stop thinking about how great today was. I’m already plotting ideas for next time!”

“Every time I visit you, I have such an enjoyable experience and yesterday was no different. “

Hey Lady Henry!
Just want to thank you for an absolutely wonderful time with you yesterday. Every time I visit you, I have such an enjoyable experience and yesterday was no different. The pictures were incredible and I'm glad we have them to look back at the session. I had loads of fun, and I look forward to the next time I see you.

"Thank you Lady Henry"

"Thank you Lady Henry :) makes your sub happy to know Lady Henry is happy :)" ~ Play Guest

"Cool supervillain outfit."

"Cool supervillain outfit. I felt lots of good subby feelings afterward. Plus I was close to crying at one point: when you had me up against the table. A whole bunch of stuff was happening all at once: the beating, having to count, having to spread my legs, trying to escape and being shoved back, having to make my voice higher, etc. I'm sure if we keep at it the tears will really fly." ~ Play Guest

"I adore you Mistress"

“I adore you Mistress. You are the greatest, sexiest, and cruelest clown ever!” ~ Play Guest

"You are so good at your work!!"

"Thank you! you are so good at your work!! Not ble to typ cohent sentences hgfxdcfhfcd... Ok that was the goldilocks session - felt just right like we were in tune." ~ Play Guest 

"I went weak in the knees..."

"Thanks for the wonderful session. I went weak in the knees when your belt came off. And your boots are great...I had trouble staying in character...couldn't help smiling due to the awesomeness" ~ Play Guest

"...Exceeded my expectations"

“I would just like to send a thank you message to you for arranging my session earlier today with Lady Henry. She is an excellent representative of the Ritual Chamber and I can’t say enough great things about my experience with her. She was prepared for our session, got way into the character for our roleplay and exceeded my expectations coming in. ” ~ Play Guest

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